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A website for students in my classes at Yaşar University.


English for Lawyers and Introduction to Law


This term, your answers for the multiple choice part of the English for Lawyers exam and the multiple choice and true/false parts of the Introduction to Law exam will recorded on special answer sheets that can be optically scanned. That means that students in these classes must bring pencils to their final exams!

Introduction to Law


I have edited and updated the slides and other materials for you to study for the final exam.

Introduction to law


Sorry it is so late, but I have added some slides for you to study before our next class (15/12/2016.)

Advanced English Presentations



By next week, October 17th, you must have a group and a topic.
By October 31st, you must have had a preliminary discussion of your topic with me in my office.
Failure to meet these deadlines will result in a loss of credit – no matter how good your presentation ultimately is.

Reading and Writing


OK… after thinking about it for a while, I have decided to cancel class today (28.09.2016) and to hold a mandatory make-up lesson at some point. I was disappointed to learn that no one even attempted to do the homework until last night, and I guess that if I held class today, I would find that very few people had done an adequate job on it, which would make today’s part of the lesson...

Reading and Writing


Apparently, the link for the case you were supposed to read for homework was broken. I know that because one student pointed it out to me by e-mail late last night. The link has been fixed now.

English for Lawyers II — no class Monday, May 16th


Today there will be a conference on the refugee crisis in the ground floor conference hall. Because it is an important topic, and because the presentations will be in English, I would like you all to attend.